My name is Addison James and I write women’s fiction.

This is my temporary website until my permament one is set up (thank you Denise Alicea for working on it).

The permament site will include links to my publications as well as bio, contact info, and Twitter feed.

I will have stories published:

*Two short stories: Look Right! and A Cigarette Break, in Effen Entertainment’s SUMMER SUN AND SAND Anthology, to be published this Summer 2011. See Augusta-Heritage/ Effen website.

* Best Bad Date short story, to be published by Muse It Up in December 2011

*  Aunt Sophia or Superman short story, to be published by Books to Go Now: Aunt Sophia or Superman, to be part of an anthology in Summer 2011

* Daffodils, a short story to be published in the WITH LOVE charity anthology to support Doctors Without Borders. Ethics Trading will be publishing on July 31, 2011.

I can be followed on Twitter @addisonj_writer